In the most unique and challenging environment, the Lakers reminded the basketball world of their championship pedigree.

“We just want our respect. Rob [Pelinka] wants his respect. Coach [Frank] Vogel wants his respect. Our organization wants their respect. Laker Nation wants their respect. And I want my damn respect, too.”

These were the words spoken by LeBron James after securing his fourth NBA title and his fourth Finals MVP.

Normally a man who talks to the media in a calm and stoic manner, he knew this moment was different. …

Karma (especially coming from the basketball gods) will forever remain undefeated

The Los Angeles Clippers’ season was not supposed to end this early. They were supposed to be world champions or at the very least, Western Conference champions. Go back to any point in either the offseason, regular season, or even the playoffs, and almost every single NBA talking head and analyst had the Clippers making a deep playoff run that would most likely end up with them finally winning their first championship.

Seemingly everything was aligned for them to win this season. They supposedly had the roster to compete and a compelling narrative going for them as well. The team…

I list down the best episodes from my favorite show.

To commemorate its arrival on Netflix, and with really nothing else better to do during this quarantine period, I decided to rewatch my favorite show, Community, and list down what I think are the 20 best episodes and give a few notes about each.

(This is the SPOILER WARNING but knowing some of the details to these episodes won’t really hinder the viewing experience.)

How I’m going to list the episodes:

I decided to take note of my favorite episodes per season and not try to rank all episodes of the show together because I think it’s more fair that…

As the Los Angeles Lakers have wrapped up their 42nd game, we have now officially gone past the halfway point of their regular season.

They have accomplished a very impressive start and are on pace for 60+ wins which sounds like an amazing feat considering how bad the team has been the past few seasons.

It also looks like they have the top seed of the Western Conference to lose barring a major injury or trade that might happen and that is in part to their stellar play on both ends of the court throughout the season so far.


When you announced your retirement, you made “Dear Basketball” as an open letter to the game that you loved and what made you the person that you are. It’s only fitting that I try and do an open letter as well but this time addressed to you because without you, Kobe, I wouldn’t be the person that I am today.

I’m holding back tears as I write this because I’m hoping that making something like this can help me find some sort of solace about everything that’s happened.

I’m not overly concerned about writing this thing properly. It’s so hard…

Kanye West is a rapper, producer, fashion designer among other things and he released Jesus is King last weekend with the standard Kanye album rollout of having last minute delays and changes. We still weren’t sure the album was dropping until it actually dropped.

With all the last minute change-ups that were being made, I was hoping for something that would sound finished and polished. However, that wasn’t what we got from Jesus is King. Even with all the last minute corrections it had, it still feels rushed, unfinished, and unpolished.

I feel like Kanye put himself in a tough…

Post Malone who, if you don’t know by now, has become a prominent figure in hip-hop recently for his blend of rapping and singing ever since he blew up in 2016. He released two albums, Stoney and Beerbongs & Bentley before this third album entitled Hollywood’s Bleeding. I have not listened to his first two albums as a whole, I just heard a lot of his singles here and there. So listening to Hollywood’s Bleeding was my first real exposure to how Post Malone is as an artist.

My initial expectations for this album weren’t really high to begin with…

Earthgang is a hip-hop duo from Atlanta consisting of rappers Johnny Venus and Doctur Dot. They’ve been in the hip-hop scene for around a decade already and they signed with J. Cole’s label, Dreamville in 2016 which led them to releasing some EP’s and singles right after. After a few years being with Dreamville, they finally released their major label debut studio album, Mirrorland.

I was only exposed to Earthgang this year when I listened to the Dreamville collective album Revenge of the Dreamers 3 a few months ago which showcased all these Dreamville artists like J. Cole, JID, Bas…

Brockhampton are currently my favorite artists right now and for those unaware I’ll give a short introduction to who they are.

So, Brockhampton is a collection of artists with 6 performers, 3 producers, and other members that work behind the scenes. They rose to prominence in the hip-hop community in 2017 when they released 3 albums which were collectively called the Saturation Trilogy in a span of six months which were all met with critical acclaim. However, a year later they were met with controversy amidst abuse allegations made towards one of their members that they eventually had to kick…

How the Raptors won the Finals and how the Lakers and Pelicans both won their trade.

It still feels surreal proclaiming that they are the 2018–2019 NBA Champions. They won their first title in franchise history since their creation in 1995 and won the first title for any Canadian team in all major North American sports since 1993.

This improbable run to the championship mostly fell on Kawhi Leonard’s broad shoulders and he was able to deliver a playoff performance for the ages.

He was, without a doubt, the best player throughout the whole playoffs. Carrying both the offensive and…

Avery Marquez

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