Brockhampton is Ready to Shine

With the commercial and critical success of their latest album Iridescence, “America’s Favorite Boyband” is on the rise

Brockhampton burst through the music scene in 2017 with the release of their three full-length albums, altogether called the “Saturation Trilogy”. It’s already an impressive feat on its own to release three albums in a year but Brockhampton actually did it in a six-month span which is almost mind-blowing considering today’s music industry standards. With that strong of a year in 2017, they were almost destined to repeat their success or even surpass it in 2018.

The year started off very rocky for the group though, with three scrapped albums and having to kick out one of their core members in May amidst abuse allegations. The controversy overshadowed other developments the rap group had made like having the support of other artists like Shawn Mendes and Jaden Smith and them signing a $15M record deal with RCA Records.

Considering all the emotional turmoil the group went through and also the fact that they recorded it in ten days right before the release date, their latest album, Iridescence, could have had the potential to be a major flop.

However, all doubts were cast away once the album was released. To think that this was made almost from scratch in ten days is almost mind-blowing. The fact that it is almost routine for them to create great albums in such a short span of time shows how talented this group really is.

Iridescence sounds loud, experimental, and even chaotic at times especially in the first half of the album with tracks like the opener, New Orleans, along with District, and J’ouvert showing the aggressive side of the group accompanied by the in-your-face production.

Despite showing a lot of aggression and angst, it also has its moments of vulnerability, melancholy and even hopefulness as heard in their more somber tracks at the latter half of the album like San Marcos, Tonya, and the closing track, Fabric.

The way that the album is able to explore a wide array of emotions track-by-track makes the listener feel like they are also part of that roller-coaster of a year the group had.

Brockhampton, not just resting on their laurels with the widespread critical acclaim they have had with all of their albums, decided to shoot their shot and aim for the top spot on the Billboard charts. The marketing for Iridescence went all out as well with the release of two music videos just as the album dropped. They also advertised the album through Spotify and members of the group urged fans to stream their music in hopes of having their first #1 album.

Their effort was a success and Iridescence debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 making it the group’s first #1 and highest ranked album ever. They finally made an album that did not just satisfy music critics but also a wider mainstream audience that just adds to their ever-growing fan base.

Brockhampton have finally graduated to hip-hop’s best kept secret to critically and commercially adored and at this point, their ascent to stardom is inevitable.

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