Lonzo Ball is Just What the Lakers Need

When Lonzo Ball was drafted second overall by the Lakers last June, some fans thought that they finally got their franchise savior. They thought they got the player that would make the Lakers an elite team again.

He was the do-it-all point guard in UCLA that had an odd-looking but effective jump shot. He was “Steph Curry with hops”. He played for Chino Hills in high school, UCLA in college, and will now play for his hometown team. The narrative seemed perfect for Lonzo to be the hometown hero that will make the Lakers great again.

However, he struggled out the gate. He had a difficult first few weeks in the NBA, shooting only around 30% for field goals and less than 30% on his three point attempts. People were saying that he was the worst shooter in the NBA. Some already made the call that he was an overrated draft bust. It also didn’t help that he struggled with injuries as well, having to miss out a good chunk of games throughout the season.

However, he has had a resurgence ever since he came back from injury in 2018. He has also been shooting a lot better overall. He has been shooting 47% from the field and 44% from three which shows an improvement in his jumper. He has only played for 10 games so far this year but the Lakers have been 8–2 during those games including a span of winning eight straight.

Lonzo is the impactful glue guy that helps the team in a lot of ways even without scoring. He won’t ever complain about shots because he is unselfish on the floor and will always think about the team first. His selfless play is also evident outside the court because he blames himself whenever something bad happens with the team.

Rarely will you see great players impact the game so much without needing or wanting to score which is why Lonzo may not become the “best” player in his team, but he will probably be the most valuable.

He will do everything to compliment a budding star like Brandon Ingram and maybe even Julius Randle. He may not become a star in the mold of Steph Curry like what some people expected but hopefully, he will be a Draymond Green-type of player who may not be the first scoring option but will be the engine of the team.

In the golden age of point guards, the Lakers finally got their all-in-one guard of the future which can be attractive to a superstar free agent like a LeBron James or a Paul George.

Originally published at averydayy.com on January 15, 2018.

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