Making Sense of this Anthony Davis Mess

(Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)

Just to recap quickly, he informed the Pelicans that he would want a trade through his agent Rich Paul, who is, coincidentally, LeBron James’ agent as well. So the rumblings around the league were that Davis was trying to force himself to the Lakers. And of course, the Lakers were trying their best to engage with the Pelicans regarding a possible trade. Even having to offer all their important pieces of the young core (Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, and Kyle Kuzma) as well as multiple future draft picks. They also even agreed to take on Solomon Hill’s contract that the Pelicans wanted to unload.

Anthony Davis is arguably a top-5 or maybe even top-3 player in the league when healthy. So you don’t pass up opportunities for all-NBA talent and potential Hall of Fame players like him.

Personally, as a Lakers fan, I was fine with the Lakers trying to go all-in for Anthony Davis even at the expense of sacrificing all of our young players.

Also it was pretty important for the Lakers to try their best to get AD before the deadline because once the offseason arrives, more teams will try to come up with offers, and what most people are saying is that the Boston Celtics might have the best offer because they have Jayson Tatum.

Some bias aside, I thought the Lakers’ offer of Ball, Ingram, Kuzma, some of the Laker vets and multiple draft picks would have been a great return for the Pelicans because who knows what kind of offers might be available in the offseason.

There was a risk to try and trade AD by the deadline but there’s also a risk to wait until this offseason because the offers may look a lot different by that time.

As for AD possibly going to the Celtics, I’m not sure if Boston would even offer Jayson Tatum in the offseason. First reason is because he could have another good playoff run and the Celtics will feel a lot more attached to him and another is that they won’t just be willing to offer him in a deal if they aren’t sure that AD will commit to signing with the Celtics long-term.

So with that, I’m still not sure if the Celtics’ trade offer in the offseason will look as good as what the Lakers offered.

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